Sunday, July 14, 2013

National Pedophilia Day

National Pedophilia Day

So, here you go, kiddies. A note from north of the border. Canada is to have a national pedophilia day. Jokes on us, I guess.

Now, as absurd and deplorable as this is, the real cynical hilarity will come when the freethinkers/atheists/skeptics of Canada begin rationalizing their celebrating of the pederasty crimelord's day. Oh, it's a reason to celebrate, and we all need those, right? Right? It doesn't mean to me what it officially means, you know? It's a family day, a day for children (so to speak), and all that.

But who knows? Maybe, just maybe, one or two of the so-called freethinkers will look aghast at each other, sickened to their stomachs, and realize just what it is they are complicitors to. Maybe, just maybe, they will be sick to their hearts at what they, whatever their excuses, are celebrating.

Maybe they will finally see what they look like to me when they make excuses for celebrating Christmas. Maybe they will finally grow some integrity.

Oh, well. Whatever. Never mind.