Friday, September 20, 2019

Skeptical of Skepticism

Be skeptical of skepticism. Seriously. Do it. Be critical of skepticism. Take it to its logical and inevitable conclusion.
Just remember: Doubt is not denial.
So where do you end up, if you are skeptical of skepticism? You end up in a state of doubt. The result is the same, however many meta levels you care to take it.
So what would we call that state of doubt?
Hence, I am a skeptic. Philosophical *and* scientific, with an unlimited scope of inquiry. This is the method that yields results, the accepts correction, that moves forward without dogmatic affirmations.
The abyss gazes also, and I've made peace with that. I prefer the intellectual and emotional honesty of skepticism at epistemic ground zero, to someone just making up whatever shit they want to and dogmatically screaming it at us. I will always take tentative positing, over aggressive affirmation of whatever shit someone just wants.
Epistemic ground zero is not an ugly place, to be reviled and escaped from any means we can imagine. It is a beautiful place, filled with opportunity and potential.
The really important point, is that skepticism is a critical perspective. We do not affirm in the way dogmatists do. We don't need to. We are tentative, provisional, always keeping firmly in mind that we might be mistaken. This is why skepticism is not dogmatic.
Skepticism is actually a positive thing. A positive mindset, one that can carefully build. It is the room for growth, and development, and correction. It is the opportunity to think again, unencumbered by dogma.
Skepticism is not an uncomfortable position. You have become a skeptic when you accept the critical result of your inquiry.