Thursday, April 19, 2012

To Trespass on God's Domain

What is God?

God is an end to inquiry. God is a prescriptive hard line. It is the surrender of our humanity, a despair, a metaphysical failure imposed by us on ourselves. It is a subjugation, a means to keep everyone children/slaves, begging, forever. God is a decision to ignore reality. It is the darkest, bleakest, most horrific idea conceivable. It is a desire for a "benevolent" dictator, a petulant avoidance of responsibility. And all this is made worse because God is an illusion, a deliberate deception.

God is a stagnation, a standing still. God is a learned helplessness, reinforced by petulant emotionalism. It is a refusal to question, a refusal to learn, a refusal to change, a refusal to grow. It is a wallowing in meaninglessness, a drowning in a quagmire. It is the end of all dreams and the eternal recapitulation to one anti-human nightmare. It is horror, it is superstition, it is fear. God is an end to humanity, a derision, a hatred of who we are. It is the assumption that we are not good enough, and a desire to infect others with self-loathing. God is a justification, an excuse, a primacy that leaves us chaff in a dogmatic meat grinder. God is the personification of the worst of all the anti-human noises, an unrealizable idealism, a fantasy, a descent into eternal angst. God is a vague, metaphysical band-aid for a contrived and vague, metaphysical ailment.

God is a marketing campaign, designed to keep you bowed and broken, begging. It is designed to make you give a free ride to all the frauds, all the mystics, all the cryptic hawkers of nonsense - the parasites.

The world leaned on god concepts for thousands of years and accomplished absolutely nothing, except wallowing in despair, poverty and stagnation. In a few short hundred years, science has accomplished marvels that make God's miracles look like cheap parlour tricks.

Every time science pushes the boundaries of human knowledge, the God-hawkers are there trying to pretend it is their domain, trying to prevent exploration. Every time we look into the holes in our knowledge where God is supposedly hiding, we don't find God. We find, instead that we can understand if we choose to try. And the frauds have God scurrying from unknown to unknown, only to see God evicted when the unknown becomes known, again and again and again. This pathetic sleight-of-tongue act gets pretty tired after a while.

I have had my life saved no less that three times by intrepid explorers who dared assume we could understand, despite the condemnation of the God-loving/fearing who want everything to be mystery so their God has a place to cower. Thank you to the intrepid explorers who defied God and discovered ways of treating pneumonia. Thank you intrepid explorers who developed surgical techniques. Thank you intrepid explorers who discovered and found ways to produce insulin. I owe my life to you all, and all because you had the courage to ignore the mystic wailing about "treading on God's domain."

Mysticism does nothing but keep things vague and hidden - just like God. Not only are there no answers there, there can be no answers there - by design. The greatest lie ever told.

The west underwent a 1400+ year stagnation under religious influence we call the Dark Ages. What could we have done in that time? 40+ wasted generations of living, breathing human beings lost in the grubby, stultifying haze of God-think!

Enthralled by your personal relationship with the voice in your head? I got some bad news for you. The voice in your head is your own. No wonder it agrees with you. Myself, I have a personal relationship with reality. Reality is not a compromising lover, but at least you can touch her.

Learning the Lesson

The only thing we can do now is learn from our past errors. Away with God. Away with mysticism. Away with helplessness. This is the time in our species' history when we move out of daddy's basement, find our own reasons, build our own future, create our own masterpieces.

Before we can learn, there must be room for learning. There must be some place in our minds not overwhelmed by dogma, a place where doubt resides, a place open to the new, the different, the innovative. It is the place skepticism dwells. It is the place skepticism *provides.*

People say that skepticism is negative, but I see a universe of possibilities, of potential. A universe denied us by dogmatic assumptions and orthodoxy requirements. Don't adopt mentalities that seek to convince you that despair of humanity is a good thing, that tries to make you proud or deserving of your suffering. We can be more than that.

We can!

Look at this picture:
In the Shadow of Saturn

This is not a drawing. It is not an artist's rendition. It is not fantasy or here-say or testimony. It is a photograph of Saturn. If you look through the rings to the top left, you can see Earth. How did such a photograph come about? We did that. Us. And we did it because we had the courage, in the face of the mystics and God-purveyors, to dare to explore - to dare to trespass on God's domain. To dare to strive. To dare to actually try. God is surrender, capitulation, failure. Not to try is to fail. Do not surrender.

We can, if we choose to not fall victim to failure-think. If we choose to give ourselves some credit, some opportunity, some possibility.

We can.

Evicting the Frauds

It takes a special kind of person to push fraud. It takes a special kind of mentality to deliberately deceive. It takes a special kind of psychosis to tell us that all we have to look forward to is eternal grovelling before forces we cannot perceive, that we have no possibilities, that there are no options, that we may not explore, that we may not learn, that we may not grow.

Sorry, purveyor of fraud, the door is that way. Don't let it hit your ass on the way out...

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